Grant Approved for JHGC Shotgun Bay!

By Shepard Humphries, JHSSF Secretary

The shotgun facility at the JHGC as of summer 2014 was a 5 Stand.  It was in a beautiful setting with a slight downward slope. Aspects needing improvement were the clay throwing machines, a need for additional parking, and a need for an improved barrier between the rifle bay and the shotgun bay.  In the fall of 2013 the JHGC board hired a consultant to write an NRA Grant, which was approved for $27,500.  Also in the fall of 2013, a group of volunteers that were responsible for the majority of the shotgun bay use provided a letter to the JHGC board with recommendations regarding the shotgun program.

An uncompleted 35-yard East-facing archery bay also needed an additional berm to make it safe for archers to shoot while the shotgun bay was occupied, and the archery targets purchased in 2012 needed framework built prior to placement.  There were not any drainage issues for the shotgun bay, however the archery bay was poorly built regarding slope and collected water in the spring.

In the spring of 2014 the upper pistol bay collected much snow and remained muddy during spring runoff.  This was not much of an issue, because that bay is not frequently used, but for the long term, a solution was prudent to make the JHGC a truly world class shooting club.  

The lower pistol bay also was muddy in the spring, and users were well-advised to wear boots!  The safety issue on the pistol bays was the berm dividing the two pistol bays, and the berm on the West side of the lower pistol bay, which did not properly stop fragments headed West Bound.  Grading and crush were suggested to prevent the ice rink which accumulates on the cement pad.

On July 22, 2014, the JHSSF received a grant request from the JHGC for $70,000 over upcoming months, with $35,000 payable in July & August.  

“As I believe you all know the JHGC is embarking on the construction of a new shotgun facility and will be asking the Foundation for approx. $70,000 over the next few months.  The overall project will cost approx. $85,000 and the JHGC has already invested $15,000 in the equipment.  The first $35,000 from the Foundation would be paid in the next 3-4 weeks and the balance after the Old Bills funds are disbursed in October.  A generous supporter with generous friends has guaranteed the Foundation $35,000 for 2014 and hopes to generate more.  He is doing this under the premise that those funds will be going directly to the Shotgun Bay project.  We will keep and use the match funds for programs, education and the like…Some details of the project include, a new five stand and trap range with all new machines and houses, swipe card access to both 5 stand and trap, the trap field will be dirt and gravel for the time being but another NRA Foundation grant will be submitted this year for the concrete work.  It also appears that the existing 5 stand will not be disturbed for the time being.”

 The JHSSF board approved this grant request on July 25, 2014 and looks forward to a more usable and safer range!



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Jackson Wyoming Youth Shooting Program! Safety – Responsibility – Fun

Ready for a great time learning to shoot guns while developing leadership and life skills?

The JH Shooting Sports Foundation is sponsoring a series of fun youth evenings, developed and administered gratis by Counter Violence Institute.  Learn more about the program HERE.  The registration link is at the bottom of this page.

When?  Second and fourth Friday of each month, April through October, 2014.  We will begin at 6pm and end at 8pm.

Where?  In and around Jackson Hole.  A location for each event will be provided upon registration.

Cost?  Due to generous grants from the JHSSF and CVI, sessions are only $10 per session!   Any youth that is not able to afford this program may work for the $10 in a discrete manner that is designed NOT to cause embarrassment.

Who?  Youth between the ages of 12 and 16 years old are invited to participate.  To ensure we are able to do lots of shooting, we will require maturity and focus from shooters.

Are you Able to be an Adult Volunteer?   We are seeking adult volunteers to help with the program!  Please click HERE for more information.

Register Here!

Register Here!


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Hunter’s Education Classes in Jackson Hole

Due to the statutes relating to hunter’s education classes, Jackson Hole and many other places in the state have had a shortage of classes for many years.  At the February 4, 2014 JHSSF meeting, the board of directors discussed possible ways of providing more funding for classes.

March 4 meeting UPDATE:  So, to encourage more Hunter’s Education classes in Jackson Hole, the JHSSF is offering a $20 bonus to Wyoming Game & Fish certified HE instructors for each student that successfully completes the in-person course and becomes certified!  Contact us at the bottom of this page for more details.

For those interested in taking a Hunter’s Education class in Jackson, please check in daily to see openings in Jackson Hole as the classes fill quickly.  Class Schedule.



A BIG thanks to JHSSF member Alan Brumsted for teaching many Hunter’s Safety classes in Jackson, Wyoming this summer!!!


Congrats to the 2013 Annual Turkey Shoot Winners!

Thanks to the 17 shooters that participated in our 2013 annual Turkey Shoot!

Jackson Hole Turkey Shoot 2013 -

In first place with a combined score of 58.2 was Joe Watsaba.

In second place with a combined score of 57.2 was Lane Critser.

In third place with a combined score of 56.4 was Julie Buchinroth.

In fourth place with a combined score of 56.2 was pre-teen Jose Escobedo.

In fifth place with a combined score of 51.4 was Karson Wilde.

In 6th place with a combined score of 51.2 was Courtney Watsaba.

Jackson Hole Turkey Shoot 2013

Jackson Hole Turkey Shoot 2013

Many Thanks to Shepard Humphries of Counter Violence Institute for organizing this event and to the following volunteers:

Shooting Team 5959 & Evans Construction, Randy Wilde. 

FBN Mailings, Larry Carroll

Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, John Daily.

 JH Shooting Experience & High Caliber WomenLynn Sherwood

Shooting Team 5959, Karson Wilde


A big thanks also to Evans Construction for their donation of an incredible custom steel target!


Jackson Hole Wyoming 22 Caliber Turkey Shoot Nov 29, 2013

Turkey Shoot in Jackson Hole!2nd Annual JHSSF .22 Caliber Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot!

(No turkeys will be injured)



November 29, 2013 

2pm until 4pm

Jackson Hole Gun Club | 5570 S. Hwy 89/191


  • There will be between 3 and 5 stages, each separately operated.
  • Each stage will be worth 100 points.
  • Shooters may compete in as many stages as they choose, and their final score will be divided by the number of stages in which they shot.


  • Stage One will be a precision stage that will include shooting for bullseye and groups at 50 yards.

Stage sponsored by Shooting Team 5959, Randy Wilde.

  • Stage Two will be a timed speed match shooting at targets placed between 25 and 150 yards.  (Semi auto or manual action allowed)

Stage sponsored by the FBN Mailings, Larry Carroll

  • Stage Three will be shooting 10 shots through a sub-2-inch hole in a steel gong at 50 yards, with 10 points for each shot through the hole without hitting the steel.  (Many Thanks to Evans Construction for donating the target!)

Stage sponsored by Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, John Daily.

  • Stage 4 will be shooting a .22 handgun at 6 turkey silhouettes placed at distances between 30 feet and 75 feet.  Semi-auto or revolvers allowed)

Stage sponsored by the JH Shooting Experience, Lynn Sherwood.

  • Stage 5 -TBA


Precision Rules:

  1. Each shooter shoots at 5 targets placed at 50 yards.
  2. Depending on number of competitors, each target will be shot 1 or 2 times.
  3. Depending on number of competitors, a “group” of 5 shots on a target might be shot.
  4. Targets will be collected after each group of ten people have fired.


Turkey In The Hole Rules:

  1. Each shooter shoots 10 shots at a target placed 50 yards away.
  2. Each shot that passes through the open hole without touching steel is worth 10 points.


Pistol Rules:

  1. The first string fired is for score.
  2. 10 shots will be fired at 10 steel turkey targets.
  3. Each target knocked down is worth 10 points.

Long Range Rules:

  1. Each shooter fires 10 shots at a paper plate placed at 200 yards.
  2. Each hole in the plate is worth 10 points, even if fired by someone else!


Timed speed challenge rules:

  1. You may shoot up to 5 strings of 5 shots each turn.
  2. All 5 shots must hit the targets for the time to be recorded.
  3. The best time of the 5 strings will be used for your score.  All scores will be transferred from judge to classroom record-keeper.  The lowest time is worth 100 points, the second lowest 95 points, third lowest 90 points etc…  only the top 10 times will be recorded with all other shooters scoring a flat 50.


Things might change:

  1. We are here to have fun, let’s go with the flow.
  2. Judges word is final.
  3. Let’s have a blast!
Event organized by Shepard Humphries.


Thanks to 2013 Shotgun League Volunteers!

September 10, 2013

Dear Armond A., Mike W. & Mike D.,

Jackson Hole Shotgun Clays

Jackson Hole Shotgun Clays

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation wishes to express our gratitude to you for your substantial donation to promote local shooting sports.

The JH Gun Club had a failed shotgun program without much hope for the future, but you three spent your time, money and effort to start a shotgun league, offering low-cost shotgunning two times each week for the summer of 2013.

Because of your efforts, dozens of people shot hundreds of rounds of Trap & 5-Stand.  This was done without the purchase of any new machines or infrastructure improvements, which is a real testament to your well-played achievements!

We know you did not do this for our foundation’s accolades, but we want you to know that we see what you have done and want to offer you our sincere and profound thanks.  As a token of our appreciation, enclosed is a gift certificate which JHSE added onto, we hope you will enjoy.

Again, on behalf of the Jackson Hole shooting sports community, many thanks for a fantastic effort and congratulations on your success!


Board of Directors, Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation


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