Suggestions Compliments Complaints Questions?

29 May

Do you have questions for the JHSSF board? Please contact us via email or post here!


2 responses to “Suggestions Compliments Complaints Questions?

  1. Mr. X

    November 15, 2012 at 7:39 am

    The range is too often closed to membersfor a variety of reasons. We pay good money to have access and when that access is taken away, there is little reason to continue to support the organization. The board, apparently, does not care. The improvements, though decent, were someone’s grandiose idea rarther than being put to a vote of the members. Where is all that money coming from? I have a lot of police friends, but lets face it, they have other ranges. Why does our property need to be surveyed? Why won’t anyone talk about it? What’s the big secret? Why is there essentially no communication? Why do the rules change daily on the whim of the RO? Why can his dogs be allowed on the property, but no one else’s? Why are the garbages always full? Why are certain people or orghanizations given free memberships and others are not? Let’s audit the books and see how things change.

  2. Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

    November 17, 2012 at 7:07 am

    @ Mr. X,

    Most of your concerns fall under the JH Gun Club rather than our organization, the JH Shooting Sports Foundation. I will address those issues that the JHSSF is connected to:

    1. The improvements to the infrastructure of the JHGC have been funded largely through donations to the JHSSF, but also through monies earned by the JHGC through day use fees & annual memberships. The current JHSSF board inherited some situations in which promises were made by other individuals/groups. Donations were made by individuals whom had been promised certain improvements, and our board has been in the position of keeping those promises, even when our board might not have supported them in their current form otherwise (RO office etc.) The JHSSF did NOT fund the terrace landscaping. Most JHGC annual meetings are attended by fewer than 12 people, so it is possible that the board does not put things to a vote because of anticipated minimal participation? We (JHSSF) acknowledge your concerns and have done the following to improve our process in the future:
    • Prepared a webpage where you can express how your JHSSF donations be spent: (Very small response)
    • Developed a process whereby all donations received are done so without specific promises.
    • Developed a grant request process. We encourage individuals and groups to submit grant requests that meet the goals of the JHSSF.

    2. Lynn Sherwood with JHSE made contact & began a grant process with the NRA Foundation that includes many improvements to the JHGC. Membership has not been notified because it is not yet a “sure thing” but provided the JHGC Board submitted the application (along with surveys etc) in time, some very cool improvements might be on the way!

    3. Management of the JHGC is supervised by the JHGC Board. Board members and their contact info is here:

    4. Regarding range closures, the JHSSF has not sponsored any events that required full range closure. Because of our appreciation for this issue, we only requested the .22 bay and the north 6 benches of the rifle bay for the upcoming Turkey Shoot on Nov 23th. While it is not in our place to say it; we have noticed that local law enforcement has been very respectful in 2012 and did not require any closures during busy summer or hunting season 2012. Part of the JHGC charter includes government use of the club…

    It is in the JHGC’s arena to respond to the other issues you raised that I did not address.


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