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Jackson Hole Turkey Shoot 2012 on Nov 23 @ 3pm

Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation (501 c3)

Jackson Hole International Championship Turkey Shoot 2012

Rimfire Competition – November 23, 2012 3PM to 5PM

Benchrest Rifle – Speed Rifle

Event Entrance fee donation: Your choice of $10 or $100 or $1000.  (All donations support the JHSSF!)

Participate in all matches or just one.  RSVP & ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR HERE

 Is money tight? If money is keeping you & your kiddo from participating, don’t let it!  Just show up and put a folded $1 into the donations can, we want your smile more than your money.

Don’t have a gun or any experience?  Want to use OUR guns, Ammo, eye protection & hearing protection?  No problem, show up and donate what you can, we suggest $25 or $250 for each match but $1 also works just fine.


  • Precision Rifle – Shooters may use custom or stock .22 LR rifles and will shoot for bullseye, “Other” and groups at 50 yards.  Recommended ammo count 50+ rounds.
  • Speed Rifle – Shooters may use any stock or custom .22 LR rifle including semi-auto and will shoot at targets placed from 25 yards to 100 yards in a timed event.  Recommended ammo count 100+ rounds.

Thanks to our terrific corporate sponsors!

* No turkeys will be injured in this event … unless yours truly trips and falls while climbing the stairs.

* Would you like to be a co-sponsor in this event?  Would your restaurant like to cater hot coco, coffee & chili?  Would you like to donate your gun & ammo?  Contact event organizer at

* Prizes will be awarded!

* All attending youth that practice good gun safety will be awarded a certificate stating such.

* Youth participation is encouraged and parent/guardian approval & signature of waivers required.

Event organized by JHSE Shooting Event Planning.


Thanks to 27 Awesome Donors!

The JHSSF has just received news from Old Bill’s of our total donations received in 2012.

$16,450.00 in donations, including a match of $5k from a strong supporter!

$8980.00 matching donation from Old Bills.


Thanks to the 27 donors that made donations ranging from $10 to $5,000, we very much appreciate your commitment to our mutual goals!  While Old Bill’s matching grant cycle has concluded, we continue to encourage you to make a donation!