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JHSSF Donates Targets to Platte River Gun Club Youth Safety Event

The Platte River Rod & Gun Club is hosting a fun-filled

target shooting event for children ages 10 to 16!

RSVP REQUIRED  |  March 23, 2013  |  2:30PM to 4:30pm

Use your .22 Rifle and ammunition!  If you don’t have a .22 Rifle – No problem! 

Use our rifles & ammunition & Safety Equipment!

We will have Instructors and Range Safety Officers available to teach your children!

For those financially able, we request a donation of $10 (or more if you are able) per shooter.  Space is limited to the first 10 responsible youth to register at  RSVP TODAY!

While the number of children’s accidental gunshot deaths has continued to shrink each year since 1930, the 500 children that die each year in the US are still too many!  Please do your part and help educate your children about the dangers, responsibilities and proper use of a firearm.  This event is a great place to continue this conversation with your child!

Many thanks to the kind sponsors of this event!

Platte River Rod & Gun Club, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Weapon Specialists LLC, Shepard Humphries & Lynn Sherwood Shooting Instruction, Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation, Wyoming Gun Owners, JHSE & CVI.