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$50 Scholarships Available for Gunshot First Aid Class!

The JHSSF is very interested in improving the safety of shooting sports and is offering 7 (seven) scholarships of $50 each to encourage frequent range users to improve their first aid skills.  These scholarships are good for the Tactical & Hunter’s First Aid workshop being offered by Jackson Hole Shooting LLC & Wilderness Emergency Medicine Consulting, LLC on July 15, 2013.  If you shoot at least 12 days each year at the JH Gun Club, you qualify!

To apply for this scholarship, please send an email to us by July 5, 2013: .  In the email, please tell us how many days you shoot each year at the JH Gun Club.  We will respond within 48 hours to let you know if you are approved.  You can then register and pay only $25 for the class!


Thanks to all of our donors that made this scholarship possible!


Answers to a few F.A.Q.s

Q:           Is the JH Gun Club the same thing as the JH Shooting Sports Foundation?

A:            No.  The JH Gun Club is a “Not for Profit” organization that may accept donations, but the donations are not tax deductible for the donor.  The JH Shooting Sports Foundation is a 501c3 that originated as a way to make donations to the JH Gun Club, but has widened its scope to promote shooting sports in a variety of ways.  The JH Gun Club continues to receive the lion’s share of grants.  The JH Gun Club and the JH Shooting Sports foundations have separate boards and have an annual joint meeting.

Q:           May I earmark a JHSSF donation for a specific project?

A:            Yes, if the project is approved by the JHSSF and if your donation covers 100% of costs for the project.  Please contact us via email for more information, we will likely work with you!  🙂

Q:           How do I find out about range closures?

A:            The JH Gun Club manager Dan Dugan maintains a CALENDAR.


Busy day at the JH Gun Club!


We have a new webpage! Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

Please visit our new page!

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