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Hunter’s Education Classes in Jackson Hole

Due to the statutes relating to hunter’s education classes, Jackson Hole and many other places in the state have had a shortage of classes for many years.  At the February 4, 2014 JHSSF meeting, the board of directors discussed possible ways of providing more funding for classes.

March 4 meeting UPDATE:  So, to encourage more Hunter’s Education classes in Jackson Hole, the JHSSF is offering a $20 bonus to Wyoming Game & Fish certified HE instructors for each student that successfully completes the in-person course and becomes certified!  Contact us at the bottom of this page for more details.

For those interested in taking a Hunter’s Education class in Jackson, please check in daily to see openings in Jackson Hole as the classes fill quickly.  Class Schedule.



A BIG thanks to JHSSF member Alan Brumsted for teaching many Hunter’s Safety classes in Jackson, Wyoming this summer!!!