Your JHSSF board takes very seriously the trust our donors have placed with us. Our goal is not to accumulate money for the long-term, but rather to stretch and spend every dollar to accomplish our mission. We encourage you to apply for grants that will achieve our mission.

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation was organized to promote shooting sports education, safety and ethics. We organize and promote programs designed to:

~Foster shooting safety

~Increase the public’s understanding of recreational shooting sports

~Assist in the development of infrastructure at local shooting facilities

~Promote greater participation in these sports

Do you have an idea and the passion and discipline to make it happen? Many of us have ideas, but we desperately need volunteers that have the time, dedication and follow-through to make it happen. 


~Would you like to start a shooting league?

~Would you like to teach a shooting related class for local children?

~Would you like to organize a shooting competition?

~Is there something that can be done to make shooting safer?

~Would a marketing campaign be of use?

~Seed money for a raffle for JHSSF fundraising?

Our philosophy is that we want to minimize bureaucracy and promote efficiency. To accomplish this, we ask that you send an email with a description of your proposed project, budget, completion date, how it meets our mission and goals etc. We do not want to award monies for excellent ideas that are not likely to actually be accomplished, so we encourage you to examine your personal level of commitment in time and energy and be certain that you will be able to succeed. If you are certain you will “Get It Done” we look forward to reviewing your email and we hope to partner with you.

Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation

PO Box 1786 Jackson WY 83001


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