Board of Directors

We are comprised of a board of directors, with a President, Treasurer, Secretary and up to two members at large. We typically meet on a monthly basis to discuss new grant applications and to follow up on grants given to ensure our donor’s dollars are being responsibly used.

President – Alan Brumsted is an avid big game hunter and center fire rifle enthusiast. He is a certified Wyoming Hunter Education instructor and is the Region 1 representative to the WGF hunter education advisory committee. In addition to teaching regular hunter education classes he also teaches instructors at the New Instructor Academy held in Dubois each summer. Mr. Brumsted moved to Jackson Hole 21 years ago and is a recently retired high school science teacher who resides in Jackson with his wife Nancy.

Treasurer – Jake Hanson was born and raised in Wyoming. He is an avid archer and grew up shooting rifles and pistols. His interests include defensive pistol shooting, archery big game hunting and fishing. Jake is a lifetime member of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and the NRA. Mr. Hanson is a Vice President at a local bank, President of the Jackson Hole Gun Club and resides in Jackson Hole with his wife Nacole and their Chocolate Lab, Hayden and Jack Russell, Zoe.

SecretaryShepard Humphries is a competitive rifle shooter and an NRA certified shooting instructor as well as an NRA Training Counselor. His interests are primarily in luxury entertainment shooting, both Multi-Gun Experiences & long range rifle. Along with his wife, Mr. Humphries owns the private for-profit Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and Nomad Rifleman as well as several other businesses. He resides in Jackson Hole with his wife Lynn Sherwood and his lab named Remington.

Board Member– Steve Genzer grew up in Jackson and is an avid outdoorsman. He has been shooting since he was a kid and enjoys hunting big game with both rifle and archery equipment. Steve also enjoys fishing and camping with his family. Mr Genzer is an IT tech at a local bank and resides in Jackson with his wife and three children.

Board Member– Bud Hancock has been living in Jackson Hole part time for several years, and in 2013 completed his move from the busy East Coast financial world to Jackson, Wyoming. Bud enjoys shotgunning, specifically field and driven bird hunting. Bud resides in Jackson with his wife, Susan, and their two English setters Clipper and Bones.

Board Member Emeritus– Tony Matthews is a lifelong hunter and actively shoots as part of his job as a law enforcement agent. His interests include big game hunting and defensive pistol. Mr. Matthews is a police sergeant with the Jackson Police Department. He resides in Jackson Hole with his wife Lani and purposefully does not have any pets. The Jackson Hole and statewide shooting community thank you Mr. Matthews for your work on our foundation!

The Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation was organized to promote shooting sports education, safety, participation and ethics.

We organize and promote programs and projects designed to foster shooting safety, increase the public’s understanding of recreational shooting sports, promote greater participation in these sports and the development of infrastructure at local shooting facilities.

The JHSSF was founded in 2010 as a 501 c 3 organization. The JHSSF is dedicated to assisting Jackson Hole residents and visitors in their pursuit of shooting related sports. Whether a shotgun enthusiast, an archery big game hunter, a child learning rimfire, a competitive pistol shooter or a rifle shooter, it is our goal to serve you.


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