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Jackson Hole Wyoming 22 Caliber Turkey Shoot Nov 29, 2013

Turkey Shoot in Jackson Hole!2nd Annual JHSSF .22 Caliber Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot!

(No turkeys will be injured)



November 29, 2013 

2pm until 4pm

Jackson Hole Gun Club | 5570 S. Hwy 89/191


  • There will be between 3 and 5 stages, each separately operated.
  • Each stage will be worth 100 points.
  • Shooters may compete in as many stages as they choose, and their final score will be divided by the number of stages in which they shot.


  • Stage One will be a precision stage that will include shooting for bullseye and groups at 50 yards.

Stage sponsored by Shooting Team 5959, Randy Wilde.

  • Stage Two will be a timed speed match shooting at targets placed between 25 and 150 yards.  (Semi auto or manual action allowed)

Stage sponsored by the FBN Mailings, Larry Carroll

  • Stage Three will be shooting 10 shots through a sub-2-inch hole in a steel gong at 50 yards, with 10 points for each shot through the hole without hitting the steel.  (Many Thanks to Evans Construction for donating the target!)

Stage sponsored by Jackson Hole Scientific Investigations, John Daily.

  • Stage 4 will be shooting a .22 handgun at 6 turkey silhouettes placed at distances between 30 feet and 75 feet.  Semi-auto or revolvers allowed)

Stage sponsored by the JH Shooting Experience, Lynn Sherwood.

  • Stage 5 -TBA


Precision Rules:

  1. Each shooter shoots at 5 targets placed at 50 yards.
  2. Depending on number of competitors, each target will be shot 1 or 2 times.
  3. Depending on number of competitors, a “group” of 5 shots on a target might be shot.
  4. Targets will be collected after each group of ten people have fired.


Turkey In The Hole Rules:

  1. Each shooter shoots 10 shots at a target placed 50 yards away.
  2. Each shot that passes through the open hole without touching steel is worth 10 points.


Pistol Rules:

  1. The first string fired is for score.
  2. 10 shots will be fired at 10 steel turkey targets.
  3. Each target knocked down is worth 10 points.

Long Range Rules:

  1. Each shooter fires 10 shots at a paper plate placed at 200 yards.
  2. Each hole in the plate is worth 10 points, even if fired by someone else!


Timed speed challenge rules:

  1. You may shoot up to 5 strings of 5 shots each turn.
  2. All 5 shots must hit the targets for the time to be recorded.
  3. The best time of the 5 strings will be used for your score.  All scores will be transferred from judge to classroom record-keeper.  The lowest time is worth 100 points, the second lowest 95 points, third lowest 90 points etc…  only the top 10 times will be recorded with all other shooters scoring a flat 50.


Things might change:

  1. We are here to have fun, let’s go with the flow.
  2. Judges word is final.
  3. Let’s have a blast!
Event organized by Shepard Humphries.